Emma Raducanu reaffirms her dedication to tennis with surprise holiday revelation



    Emma Raducanu has revealed she has not been on holiday for seven years in her relentless path from pre-teen to grand slam tennis champion.

    It is an admission that comes just days after Eddie Jones questioned her dedication to her sport since she became US Open champion in September.

    The England rugby coach highlighted the 18-year-old’s appearances on the front of glossy magazines and appearances at glitzy showbiz events as a sign she was not properly focused on her career.

    But when asked about plans for her birthday – the British no. 1 finally turns 19 on Saturday – Raducanu hinted she might treat herself to her first vacation since she was a 12-year-old.

    “I haven’t been on holiday for seven years,” she said. “So it will be nice to have the opportunity to go somewhere.

    “The last time was a long weekend to Switzerland with my parents. I’m hoping to make it longer than that.

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    “I have learned how much room I have to develop physically and what playing on the Tour week-in, week-out actually needs.

    “Clearly my body is still trying to get up to speed.

    “Where I was in January, February and March compared to now, I’d have taken it.

    “But all these players are good, the margins are so small at this level, and match experience is something I have lacked.

    “Those are the biggest learnings to take into next year.”


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