Eurovision backlash: Furious Britons hit back over gloating at 'ignorant and racist UK'


    Twitter users have mocked Brexit Britain over its disappointing zero-point result for James Newman’s song at the Eurovision Song Contest. One said Britain was “ignorant” and “racist” as they celebrated the 0-point humiliation. They said: “There is no one to support the UK, period, they are a racist and ignorant society with all that that entails, and Brexit only confirms it.”

    The gloating has prompted a furious backlash from readers, who urged their European neighbours to “grow up”.

    One said: “EU folks are sour and jealous that we are strong enough to stand alone.

    “None of them have the gumption to follow our footsteps.”

    One Express reader said: “A Spanish user said ‘there is no one to support the UK, period, they are a racist and ignorant society.

    “I wish we get through to some Europeans who think of us in this way.

    “We could explain that it only applies to 17,4 million Brits, there are 50 million others who are not like this.”

    Another Express user said: “It’s time they grew up and behave like adults not sulking children.”

    Approximately seven million Britons watched James Newman score zero points in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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    Another said: “Well they did ask for a Norway-style Brexit, so they got what they wanted.

    “Norway null points.

    “UK null points.”

    This year’s Eurovision song contest was held in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    The tournaments winning song was sung by Zitti E Buoni of rock band Maneskin.

    The Italian performers played to a crowd of 3,500 fans at the Ahoy Arena.

    This year’s broadcast of the event saw the biggest viewership for a Eurovision final since 2014.


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