F1 LIVE: Red Bull await FIA penalty over budget cap row as new investigation continues


    Red Bull are still waiting for the FIA to make a final decision on what their punishment will be after being found responsible for exceeding last year’s budget cap. The Austrian outfit are believed to have broken the limit by less than £2million, which represents a minor breach of the £114m cost cap that was introduced at the start of the 2021 season.

    Red Bull are expected to be hit with a financial sanction or a minor sporting penalty as a result of their breach, which was revealed in the results of an FIA investigation into the financial data of all teams on Monday. Team principal Christian Horner remains adamant that no wrongdoing took place, though, and Red Bull have since vowed to ‘carefully review’ the FIA’s findings in a desperate attempt to prove their innocence.

    A financial penalty would see a fine imposed on Red Bull which they would be obligated to pay within a period of 30 days but if they fail to do so, they will be banned from taking part in any future events until the fine has been settled. Meanwhile, the options available to the FIA regarding a minor sporting penalty would include a reprimand, a reduction in testing time, a deduction of points for the season in question, suspension from an event or a reduction in Red Bull’s individual budget cap for 2023.

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