First Time Raver? Here’s What You Need To Know

    Welcome, rave babies! If you’ve just made plans to attend your first rave, get excited! You’re about to meet and dance with some of the most lovely and compassionate people in the music scene. The rave community is built on – and lives off of – peace, love, unity and respect. The #1 rule is to have fun and care for people who need help. From how to act, what to wear and what to do, here are a few things you need to know before attending your first rave:


    What is a rave exactly?


    Raves are large scale dance parties that revolve around performances by DJs and occasionally live performers playing various genres of dance music. Some of these genres include dubstep, EDM, house music, and trance – among others. Underground rave parties used to be held in secret, secluded locations like abandoned buildings or out in the woods far from civilization where DJs and other performers could bump rave music super loud until daybreak. Raves have come a long way and are much more mainstream so most are held at music venues, although these underground parties still exist! People go to raves solely for the good vibes they give and receive. Raves are different from music festivals as rave-goers don’t necessarily mind who is performing and would have fun seeing either a local DJ or a massive, global artist like house music legend Tiesto.


    Where do I buy rave outfits?


    It’s important to wear what makes you the most comfortable. Whether that’s orthopedic shoes or platform boots, it’s best to be you and put together an outfit that serves you and your needs. Many ravers wear colorful and sparkly outfits to express themselves while at raves. If you have wanted to try wearing pasties, booty shorts, or kandi beads, raves are a great place to experiment with your style. A quick Google search will help steer you in the right direction of rave wear, but you can likely put together an amazing outfit with pieces of clothing that are already in your closet. Maybe you have an old halloween costume that you can repurpose, a plain hat that you can dye bright colors, or even a pair of jeans you can rough cut into a pair of custom shorts. 


    I might get chilly – any tips?


    Rave fans in the high desert understand how quickly temperatures can fall and how dangerous that is when you don’t have a way to keep yourself warm. Many rave brands are aware of this and sell adorable rave friendly puffer jackets and thermal pants. These pieces are made of unique fabrics that are sure to complement your rave outfit so you can have both fashion and function on your side. Hot Hands are also an easy way to keep your hands and feet warm. You can also wear a fashionable beanie to keep yourself warm and accessorize your outfit.


    I’m camping out – What do I bring?


    Camping at a multi-day music festival is a cost effective way to see your favorite EDM artists perform, but you need to make a list of the essentials to ensure your experience is a positive one. Two of the most important things to bring are ample food and water. These essentials are the bare minimum you need to keep yourself happy and healthy for the weekend. You should also bring the essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush and towel for showers. If you’re traveling to an area that has bugs, invest in spray with deet to keep yourself comfortable. You’ll likely need to bring your own tent and sleeping bag, but be sure to check what is supplied to you before attending. You usually have to supply everything, but some festivals offer trash and food services at the camping site so it’s always best to check in advance just in case.


    What are some of the best raves / EDM festivals?


    There are many different raves and EDM festivals to choose from, and it can seem daunting trying to find which one will be fun for you and your friends. If the lineup is important to you, larger festivals like Ultra in Miami will pique your interest. If the vibes are what you’re about ask around and try to score and invite to an underground rave or check out a smaller festival where you’ll have greater opportunities to connect with other rave-goers. We’ll list a few options below, but the best way to learn about great festivals is to ask the people you meet at raves where they like to go and why. 


    • Wobbleland in San Francisco, CA
    • Groove Cruise in Orlando, FL
    • Gem and Jam in Tuscon, AZ
    • Crush SF in San Francisco, CA
    • Okeechobee Music Festival in Okeechobee, FL
    • Get Lucky Festival in Salt Lake City, UT
    • Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL
    • Desert Hearts in Lake Paris, CA
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