Former Fifth Gear host pushes for a massive MOT rule change for classic car owners


    In an exclusive interview with, Mr Smith said classic cars may be involved in accidents purely due to “neglect of maintenance”. He said some incidents were simply down to owners not checking their vehicles or failing to get a second opinion.

    When asked whether he would like to see yearly MOT tests introduced for owners of classic vehicles, Mr Smith agreed.

    He told “I do think something like that would be good.

    “I think modern MOTs can be unfairly harsh on an old car because the rules change every year or so.

    “Certainly younger MOT testers who aren’t familiar with older cars might fail it on something that is unfair.

    “That’s no safer than my 50-year-old car that I’ve just had checked over and had new tyres, new brakes, new exhaust and new steering fitted to it.

    “But it’s an old car so the perception is it might not be very safe.

    “So I think they should have a second opinion, definitely.”

    Jonny Smith’s YouTube series, the Late Brake Show, is heading on tour with a series of car shows set across the UK.

    His next show will take place at Market Harborough, Leicestershire on Saturday, September 11 2021 from 10am to 5pm.


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