Former Japanese Princess Mako lands in New York to start new life with 'commoner' husband


    The former Japanese princess arrived in the US with her “commoner” husband Kei Komuro after leaving Tokyo airport on Sunday morning. The couple, both 30, tied the knot last month, causing the princess to leave the Royal Family.

    According to Japanese law, royal women must forfeit their status if they chose to marry a “commoner”.

    The pair are college sweethearts and wed in a touching ceremony that captivated the nation and sparked a wider conversation about gender roles within the Royal Family.

    Princess Mako and Mr Komuro strode past waiting journalists at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport before boarding an ANA flight without answering any questions.

    However, the former princess was sent off by well-wishers who waved to the newlyweds from the terminal as it left the gate.

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    “I love Mako,” he told reporters last month after registering their marriage in Tokyo.

    “I want to live the only life I have with the person I love.”

    Similarly, the princess gushed over her soon to be husband when announcing her marriage.

    “He is someone I cannot do without,” she said.

    “Marriage is that decision needed for us to live on, staying true to our hearts.”


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