Frexit by 2024? Demand for referendum surges as French voters blame Brussels for chaos


    France could ditch Brussels by 2024, according to Charles Henri-Gallois, leader of France’s Generation Frexit group. Speaking to GB News, he said that the ongoing 2022 presidential election campaign in the country had prompted a surge in support for Frexit. Mr Henri-Gallois has called on presidential candidates to include a referendum on European Union membership as a manifesto commitment.

    He said: “Questions around immigration, about taking back control, about industries and economic policy, and COVID-19 questions.

    “All these traditionally political sovereignty powers are key right now.

    “What we are trying to do with Generation Frexit is putting pressure on candidates to include a referendum on EU membership within their manifesto.

    “If they don’t have this manifesto, they are not serious politicians because all their big policy proposals will be blocked by the EU.”

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    The Frexit campaigner added: “We want a referendum, we are pushing for it.

    “We will do it before the next European elections in 2024.

    “All the big news right now gives free advertising for Frexit because what we have said for years is now coming true.”

    He also took aim at French presidential candidate and former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier after he said he wanted to limit the role out of the European Court of Justice.

    Nathalie Loiseau, a French MEP and member of President Emmanuel Macron’s Renew Europe party, tweeted: “Did he spend too much time with Boris Johnson?

    “Barnier suggests damaging the law, but just a tiny bit of it? It doesn’t look like him.”

    Nigel Farage called Mr Barnier “the biggest hypocrite ever born”.

    Even Jörg Meuthen, the leader of the Alternative for Germany party in the European Parliament, said: “Most probably, excessive contact with the British people have turned a former convinced European into a reasonable person who respects member states.”


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