Home Lifestyle Furious Londoners slam oil protestors for 'f***ing up their lives' with blockades

Furious Londoners slam oil protestors for 'f***ing up their lives' with blockades


Two Londoners have ripped into a Just Stop Oil protestor who has been blocking roads across the capital for days on end to protest new government gas and oil licences. The demonstrations have led to scenes of furious Londoners dragging the activists off the road and altercations with protesters, with the latest videos showing massive queues on the M25 motorway. The traffic jams caused by the blockades led a woman to defend the six million Londoners who are trying to commute work. 

The Londoner said: “Look, I’m sorry you feel strongly about it. 

“But you know what? There are 6 million people that live in this city and you’re f***ing up their lives.”

The Just Stop Oil protester asked: “Do you even feel concerned about that?”

The woman fired back: “Yes, I do.”

She said: “And I did the small things.

“Why don’t you go and sit in the road in China or in India, or do something that might be useful.”

The protester interjected: “I just sit here because I want my government to do the right thing.”

The woman said: “What, you want them to stop oil, so how are you going to convince them? How are you going to heat your house? How are you going to run your car?”

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