Fury at 'nonsense' plans to prioritise pedestrians over motorists with new red light law

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Transport for London (TfL), which is run by the Mayor of London, has confirmed plans to convert 18 pedestrian crossing with “Green Person Authority” technology, giving people walking priority over cars. Under the scheme, a crossing will show a continuous “green person” signal until traffic approaches.

Plans are underway for it to be brought in as early as next month in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hounslow, Richmond and Hillingdon.

TfL hopes the initiative will increase the number of journeys made by foot, reduce the number of cars and made London a greener place.

But, it has also drawn criticism from many, including London Taxi groups, who argue the capital needs free flowing traffic in order to function.

A subsequent poll more than 1,900 Express.co.uk readers has found the vast majority of people are against the new plans.

The survey took place from 6.44pm on May 28 to 11.15am on May 29 and asked 1,973 online readers: Should pedestrians be prioritised above motorists with new traffic light law?

A huge 87 percent (1,714) thought pedestrians should not be prioritised and voted “no”.

Just over 12 percent (248) were in favour of the new traffic rules and voted “yes”.

Meanwhile, less than one percent (11) remained unsure and said they did not know.

A number of passionate Express.co.uk readers let their opinions known in the comments section of the poll story.

One reader wrote: “Would this not increase pollution in London from stationary car, busses, taxis and of course cyclists would be observing the red light rules as well.”

Another reader said: “Sadiq should be shown red, this is just another silly idea to punish the motorist from Sadiq and his car haters within TfL.”

A third added: “Oh really. Whatever next? Really, we need to be rid of nonsense like this.”

A fourth said: “How can the pedestrian come before the vehicle driver, as they are paying a daily sum to drive into the city on all vehicles.”

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Nick Owen, TfL’s Head of Network Performance, said: “We know that walking is a brilliant way for people to make local journeys, boosting activity levels while cutting the number of car trips and the associated congestion and pollution they can cause.

“We’re determined to make it easier for people to cross the road and to give people the space they need to walk safely, and these initiatives will make a difference in enabling more people to access local high streets, shops and other businesses in a sustainable way.”

Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, added: “Walking has so many benefits – it doesn’t just enable us to get from A to B, but also improves our mental and physical health.

“We know that safety is a key concern for people walking around London, and giving pedestrians priority is a powerful way of putting them first and making it easier to cross London’s roads.”

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