Gardening expert: How to keep house plants alive – 'ideal temperature' for indoor plants



    A gardening and plants expert has discussed how to keep your house plants alive and healthy during winter. Anna Eklöv is the founder of an online florist called LÖV Flowers. 

    LÖV provides services from letterbox flowers and bespoke hand tied bouquets to wedding and event flowers, inspired by chic Scandinavian design.

    Founder Anna is an expert is all things plants and flowers.

    She told “The ideal temperature for indoor houseplants is between 15 and 23 degrees.”

    So, keeping that thermostat on will be beneficial to your plants.

    A well insulated room is the best kind of place to keep your plants, Anna said.

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    How to care for house plants in winter

    Water less

    Most houseplants need less water during winter, as they grow at a slower rate.

    Overwatering could lead to roots rotting, so be cautious.

    Keep it humid

    Plants like humidity, generally. Raise the humitidy around your plants to help them stay healthy in the winter.

    Or, you could store your plants in a well list bathroom.

    Turn your plants

    Everytime you water your plants turn them a quarter clockwise, so they each part of the plant can get sun.

    An expert has shared an “old-age” test to check if your plants need water. 

    Silver is the CEO of independent houseplant site Friends or Friends.

    She spoke exclusively to about how to care for houseplants in the winter months.

    Silver’s “old-age” plant watering hack is something she learned from her relatives.


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