Gatwick bus driver ‘asleep at the wheel’ while passengers scream but ‘there was no answer'


    Four passengers on a bus from Gatwick airport were left terrified after their bus began veering wildly – and they quickly realised their driver had, it appeared, fallen asleep. Marketing specialist Omar Reyes, 26, realised something was wrong when the driver missed another passenger’s stop. However, his confusion turned to terror when the driver failed to respond to calls for him to stop. That was when the bus swerved from its path and collided with barriers and signs.

    Mr Reyes told the Mirror of the horrifying moment the bus driver failed to respond to their calls.

    He said: “There was no answer, the bus started moving to the left side and collided with barriers. I screamed to the driver ‘stop the bus, man!’

    “Then he kind of woke up and veered to the right and then back to the left side, hitting road signs. The driver then stopped the bus and we were all going crazy. We were all in shock.”

    The ill-fated service was taking passengers from Gatwick airport to Bournemouth, on September 29. One of the passengers called the police.

    National Express are now reportedly looking into the incident, which occurred as the bus was near Winchester in Hampshire.

    A company spokesman said: “No injuries were reported and all passengers were provided with onward travel.

    “Police did attend but there has been no further involvement.”

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    Four of the cars were written off, with £30,000 of damage caused in total. Two people were treated for whiplash, but neither of them were seriously hurt in the incident.

    The bus had been travelling within the speed limit at the time, estimated to be around 25mph.

    A father of one from Salford, Mr Hastings plead guilty to a single count of dangerous driving.


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