GB News' Colin Brazier in explosive rant at humiliating cancel culture 'Worse than stocks'


    GB News host Colin Brazier erupted as he discussed cancel culture and its impact on people. He made comparisons between cancel culture and the pillory, which was banned by the British Government 184 years ago on Wednesday. Mr Brazier argued that the pillory was a more civilised form of punishment as he retold how victims would face verbal and physical abuse. 

    In comparisons he noted, cancel culture victims face abuse not only from people in their local area but all around the world due to the use of the internet. 

    Mr Brazier said: “Our latest iteration of the stocks is cancel culture.

    “And unlike the pillory, cancellation isn’t a short sharp shock of shame, but a powerful instrument of public humiliation that goes far beyond the here and now.

    “Instead of neighbours, anyone unfortunate enough to have triggered a Twitter mob into life, will find calls for their cancellation pouring in, not just from around the parish, but from different continents.”

    More to follow… 


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