Giant hogweed warning: What happens if you touch Giant hogweed?


    Weeds and garden pests will invade gardens as the weather heats up this year. During June and July, gardeners will work hard to deter hungry insects and invasive plants from their carefully cultivated green spaces. But they shouldn’t handle every organic threat in their gardens, as some could bite back.

    What happens if you touch giant hogweed?

    Giant hogweed is unlike most other weeds people find in their gardens, and it requires specialist care.

    The weeds sprout as a tall, thick-stemmed network of white canopies resembling cow parsley.

    They can grow up to ten feet (three metres) in height, and although their blooms may seem pretty, they hide a dangerous defence mechanism.

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    Otherwise, the NHS urges people to clean the area as soon as possible.

    A low acidity mixture of cold water and soap will help purge the sap without causing more damage.

    Anyone experiencing severe symptoms following contact with giant hogweed sap should seek immediate medical advice.

    Garden services advise anyone who spots giant hogweed in the garden or elsewhere to avoid it and call the appropriate authorities for specialist extraction.


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