Gout symptoms: Should you walk with gout? Gout triggers and foods to avoid


    Sharp urate crystals fall into the space between two browns of a joint, where they rub against the synovium, the soft lining of a joint.

    This is what’s known as a gout attack.

    But, if you’re experiencing the symptoms of a gout flare-up, how active should you be?

    Should you walk if you have gout?

    The intensity of a gout flare-up can vary from person to person, so for some it may be physically impossible to walk if they have a gout flare-up in their foot, toes or ankle.

    According to the NHS, if you’re experiencing a gout attack you must rest and raise the affected area.

    The NHS also advise against putting any pressure on the joint.

    This rules out walking if gout is affecting your foot, but if you’re experiencing gout anywhere else you should be able to walk and go about your daily activities, as long as they don’t aggravate the affected joint.

    However, after your gout flare-up is over, you should definitely try to get your steps in.


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