Homeowner at the centre of feud over 5.65-metre fence vows he will NEVER tear it down



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    Residents from Chester Hill, in south-west Sydney, made several complaints to Cumberland Council after the huge fence appeared during the latest coronavirus lockdown. The wall appeared suddenly in July without any warning from homeowner, Ali.

    It is believed Ali did not get planning permission from the council.

    The neighbours have since said their complaints to Ali or the council have not been responded to as of yet.

    One resident said: “It blocks the sun, we don’t really get sun anymore.

    “I’m very stressed, I like my flowers and the view, with the trees before it was nice but now it’s very bad.”

    Man builds 5.65m wall in garden

    Man builds 5.65m wall in garden (Image: Nine/A Current Affair)

    Ali says he wanted to have some privacy

    Ali says he wanted to have some privacy (Image: Nine/Current Affair)

    Ali said his fence stands at 5.65m and is triple the standard backyard fence of 1.8m.

    He told A Current Affair how he built the wall because he was bored during the pandemic and wanted more privacy.

    He said: “Well when you’re sitting at home and you’re not allowed to go nowhere and the neighbours are looking at you, you say ‘you know what? I’m going to build a bloody wall’.

    “It was a Covid brain explosion.”

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    Man builds fence in garden

    Man builds fence in garden (Image: Nine/Current Affair)

    Ironically, Ali said he planned to build something pleasant for his neighbours to look at on the reverse.

    But he changed his mind because of their attitude.

    He continued: “I was going to do a nice feature on the other side as well, but when you have d**khead neighbours, then that’s what happens.”

    Ali said the townhouses looking into his yard made it feel like “they were sitting here with me”.

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    Man builds massive fence in his garden

    Man builds massive fence in his garden (Image: Nine/Current Affair)

    The neighbours claimed three large pine trees stood in the place of the wall for years until they were chopped down a month after Sydney’s lockdown began.

    Ali said the trees were dying and needed to be cut down.

    However, his neighbours claimed the trees were still full of leaves.

    Another neighbour added: “They just told us they were building it.

    Man builds massive fence in his garden

    Man builds massive fence in his garden (Image: Nine/Current Affair)

    “When they put the walls up we said it looked big but they ignored us.

    “They chopped down those massive trees, they put it up in one week.”

    Eyewitnesses said the tradesmen were working on the wall around the clock during lockdown.

    However, Ali said the steel and wooden eyesore features a series of LED artworks that light up at night.

    Trees were apparently cut down

    Trees were apparently cut down (Image: Nine/Current Affair)

    He continued: “It’s like going to an art museum.

    “It’s a piece of art at night, I’ll tell you that much.”

    Cumberland Council confirmed it was taking “enforcement action” against Ali.

    They told the Daily Mail Australia: “Council has received and acknowledged complaints regarding an alleged unauthorised structure at the subject property.

    Neighbours angry over massive fence

    Neighbours angry over massive fence (Image: Nine/Current Affair)

    “These complaints have been investigated and enforcement action has been taken, with specified timeframes provided for compliance.

    “Council has provided updates to the complainants where contact details have been provided.

    “Any complainants who require an update of the action taken may contact Council and further information will be provided.”


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