Houseplants for health: Nine houseplants to BOOST your health and where to put them



    Spider Plant

    Keep a spider plant, which is non-toxic to animals and very easy to care for, in your spare room.

    Samantha said: “What’s more, a spider plant reduces carbon monoxide which in turn, helps to combat fatigue, reduce headaches and even the chance of cold sores.

    “For this reason, it’s a great option for a spare room where a guest needs a temporary escape.”

    Boston Fern

    A Boston fern loves a shady and humid climate, making them perfect for the bathroom.

    Samantha said: “A Boston fern improves air quality and increases humidity.

    “The fern reduces formaldehyde, a toxin often found in cosmetics that are used in the bathroom.”


    Succulents thrive in a conservatory as they crave dry areas with a lot of light.

    Samantha said: “A succulent can cleanse the air, and in groups prevent dry skin, colds, and sore throats.”


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