How to deter cats from coming into your garden – 8 simple tips to keep felines out


    Use odour repellent

    Cats are renowned for coming into other people’s gardens.

    You can deter them from visiting your garden by planting several plants which have strong fragrances of lavender, rosemary, pennyroyal, chives and lemon balm.

    They also hate the smell of coleus.

    You should dot as many of these plants around your garden as possible, particularly in areas where cats visit often.

    Throwing citrus peels and human hair directly into the garden is also said to deter them.

    Use sound motion detectors

    Cats are also deterred by ultrasonic sounds audible to cats.

    These machines work in a similar fashion to water spray machines – emitting a very high-frequency sound when they detect movement.

    These sounds can hardly be heard by humans at all, but are very off-putting to cats.


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