How to Stop Skipping Workouts: 7 Tips by Coaches

    Results in fitness are impossible without a schedule and motivation, which decreases after two or three months after you start training. How to maintain it and not skip classes? The easiest option is to practice with a coach. He will always find a way to interest you. But what to do, if there is no such possibility? In this case, lots of things, like parties with friends, entertaining BTC slots, and new thrilling Netflix series can distract us from workouts. Here are some tips to avoid such situations.

    Make Workouts Convenient

    Reduce the obstacles to training. This applies mainly to beginners. If you decide to work out at the gym, choose a place that you like and that is easy to get to. Check the hours of operation, so that it does not turn out that you can work out only before the start of the day, and the gym is still closed at this time.

    Attend Group Classes

    If you are a beginner and you do not have the opportunity to work out with a personal coach yet, go to a group workout. Choose the basic level if you are a beginner, this way you will be in a team and supervised by an instructor. Collective exercise, spirit is always fun and motivating.

    Pay Yourself

    It may sound strange, but it works. A monetary reward encourages us to do even the things we do not like. For example, going to the workout on days when we don’t feel like it at all. The results of a Mayo Clinic study back this up. Scientists divided weight loss program participants into two groups. One group got paid $20 a month if they met their monthly weight loss goal. The second group received no payment. Over the course of a year, those participants who received financial support lost more weight because their motivation to watch their diet and exercise was much greater.

    Try doing the same. Reward yourself for fulfilling your workout plan – with money or something nice. Just, of course, not with food. This won’t lead you to your goals but to eating disorders.

    Diversify Your Classes

    Different types of activity are appropriate for developing strength and stamina. Use this to your advantage. Is your regular exercise routine an elliptical or treadmill class? Go for a bike ride or master Nordic walking. Tired of jogging? Join a cardio group, like step aerobics or Zumba. This will help you distract yourself and engage additional muscle groups. 

    Set Goals

    A goal can be anything. The main thing is that it should be measurable and achievable. When this goal is specific and clear, it is easy to go to it, you will have a measurable point to which you are moving. Don’t look at other people, you don’t know what path they’ve taken. Focus only on your own progress.

    Focus on How You Feel

    Maybe, you came to the gym to lose weight or gain muscle mass. But the process of building a beautiful body is not quick, and there is a risk that if you do not see the desired result in two months, you want to quit.

    At this point it is important to shift your attention from external goals to internal ones. Observe how you feel after your workouts. Chances are you’re in a better mood, feel light and strong throughout your body, and don’t have back pain.

    Concentrate on these feelings, think about them before you start your workout – they will help you stay motivated and go to the gym even when it seems that you are still infinitely away from your goal.

    A 2014 study supports this theory. Female students who trained for well-being were half as likely to miss classes as those who went to the gym for aesthetic goals.

    Control the Progress of the Class

    Why force yourself to do something you hate or a fitness routine you’re already sick of? Research shows that controlling the format and flow of a workout can make a big difference. According to research, when participants can choose the order in which they perform their exercises, it leads to more repetitions and overall engagement in the workout. Once you have mastered the technique of the exercises, try “putting together” a set of them on your own. This will bring you more enjoyment than working out according to a scheme designed by someone else.

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