Humans to visit Moon base by 2036 as Russia and China launch joint space venture


    The shared International Lunar Reach Station (ILRS) will expect to have crew on board in 15 years time – a ground-breaking step forward. The ILRS is open to collaboration with other countries. On June 16 both China National Space Administration and Russia’s space industry, Roscosmos, released a guide for partnership.

    The partnership guide stressed the importance for international cooperation.

    It reads: “With the deepening of exploration, the Moon shows its great potential values in scientific research.

    “Many countries have released their own plans for lunar exploration.

    “International cooperation in the lunar exploration and utilization is of benefit to better promote the well-being and interests of humankind.”

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    The project is unattached to the US lunar base program – the Artemis, where 12 nations have joined in the collaboration.

    Just one day before Russia and China announce their lunar endeavours, Brazil became the 12th nation to join the Artemis programme.

    The NASA launched programme is gearing up to get the “first woman and first person of colour” on the moon.

    However, this is not their only plan as NASA is preparing for “the next giant leap” by sending astronauts to Mars.

    The Biden administration has put aside over $6 billion in the budget to keep the Artemis program on track to send the first woman to the moon by 2024.


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