'I won't be bullied into silence!' Chris Bryant erupts as Tories heckle him in Commons


    Chris Bryant has received a torrent of jeers from the Conservative backbenchers during Prime Minister’s Questions after he doubled down on his accusations of inappropriate behaviour during a Commons vote on fracking in October. As he rose to ask his question to the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, MPs shouted at him from across the floor, before the Labour MP said he would not be “bullied into silence”. On Tuesday, Mr Bryant suggested the findings by an internal investigation into the alleged manhandling of MPs in Commons on October 19 that there was no “bullying” was false, adding that he would “not withdraw a single word” of his complaint. 

    As Mr Braynt stands up, a few Conservative backbenchers begin to jeer in low tones from the opposite side of the Commons. 

    The Labour MP then said: “I am not going to be bullied into silence by anyone in this House.” 

    His comment triggered a wave of jeers from the Conservative Party, evidently furious at his remarks about the fracking vote incident. 

    Mr Bryant then stands silent and still as the jeering grows louder, grimacing as he is forced to wait to ask his question. 



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