IDS hits back after BBC plays clip of TV anchors mocking UK 'They have their own problems'


    Iain Duncan Smith said the countries that were “talking about our problems” face their own crises. The remarks followed Laura Kuenssberg’s claim that the world “is laughing at us” after the furore surrounding Liz Truss’ tenure in office. The BBC political host played a clip of TV anchors around the world discussing Ms Truss’ resignation and the political crisis engulfing Britain and the Conservative Party.

    The montage of clips showed the situation in the UK being discussed and mocked by TV anchors in the US, Germany, France and Italy, among others.

    Ms Kuenssberg said: “Britain is in the headlines across the world this week.

    “Iain Duncan Smith, I don’t want to make light of this but can you actually believe what you’ve seen from your party in the last seven days?”

    The senior Conservative MP admitted that the Tories had “turned in on ourselves, and that is always a mistake”.

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    He continued: “But it is worth reminding ourselves as Lord King said earlier to take a step back.

    “Look at what is going on in those countries that were talking about our problems.

    “China is hitting the buffers on their economy, their currency has come under attack.

    “Japan has a 35-year-low on their currency now. Germany has high inflation.

    “Italy and Sweden have turned to populists.”


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