‘Immediate’ action on illegal migrants demanded as ‘tiny’ number sent home in pilot


    The Government has been urged to take “immediate” action over illegal Channel crossings. Ministers have been criticised over a “pilot scheme” which saw just a “tiny” number of people sent home.

    A group of 11 Albanians was last Wednesday flown out of the UK soon after arriving in small boats as part of a pilot scheme.

    This came close to two months after former Home Secretary Priti Patel secured a deal with her Albanian counterpart for a “rapid removal” scheme.

    Ms Patel said this would help to “speed up removal of Albanians with no right to be in the UK”.

    But the Government, now in different hands, has been scolded over its most recent flight holding just a “tiny number of people”.

    SDP leader William Clouston told Express.co.uk: “These repatriations to Albania represent a tiny number of people – those who have refused to claim asylum.

    “It will do virtually nothing to move the dial on tens of thousands arriving illegally from across the world.”

    He added: “Unless the Government implements immediate overseas detention for all unsolicited arrivals the chaos will continue and our borders will remain open.”

    Reports suggest the majority of illegal Channel crossings are carried out by Albanian migrants.

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    At his party’s annual conference earlier this month, Mr Clouston joked: “I had no idea that Albania was so unsafe.”

    Questions have been raised over the status of the 11 migrants who were sent home last Wednesday.

    These “refused” to claim asylum and were subsequently told by immigration officers that they were liable for immediate removal, according to the Mail.

    The Guardian, however, cited “non-Government sources” claiming the Albanians were “not given an opportunity” to have their claims considered before they were put on the plane at Stansted Airport.

    The Home Office, when approached by Express.co.uk, would not comment “operationally” on charter flights, nor on whether the individuals involved claimed – or attempted to claim – asylum.

    More than 28,500 people illegally crossed the Channel into the UK last year, up from 8,404 the year before.

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    Current levels suggest that this year will see another record high for Channel entrants.

    Proper Government action on small boats crossings is likely to be further pushed back given the instability of the current administration.

    Suella Braverman, after yesterday stepping out of the Home Office, wrote to the Prime Minister to express her “serious concerns about this Government’s commitment to honouring manifesto commitments”.

    These, she said, included “reducing overall migration numbers and stopping illegal migration, particularly the dangerous small boats crossings”.

    New Home Secretary Grant Shapps, upon taking his position, stressed that there was a “very important job to do”, one which he said “I am going to get on with… right now”.

    Mr Shapps added: “People expect their government to ensure there is security for them. The Home Office is at the heart of that in so many different ways.”


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