Indyref2 LIVE: Blackford turns on Brexit as SNP begins legal battle to shred the union


    Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has begun a legal battle to decide whether the SNP can move ahead with a second Scottish referendum (indyref2) without the approval of the British Government. Ms Sturgeon has announced she intends to stage another separation vote in October 2023 – but constitutional affairs are reserved to Westminster and Ms Truss has repeatedly ruled out transferring the necessary powers. Successive Prime Ministers have shot down the SNP ambition to hold a second referendum, telling the First Minister that the 2014 vote was a once-in-a-generation occurrence. Ms Sturgeon and Ian Blackford, Westminster leader of the SNP, have repeatedly blamed Brexit for causing a “constant crisis” that only shredding the union can resolve. Speaking at the SNP party conference, Mr Blackford said: “A pattern of constant crisis now defines Westminster. It all started when they boarded that big red Brexit bus in 2016 – and they have been driving towards disaster ever since.”



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