'Inevitable' Prince Harry and William's relationship will change after The Crown release


    The upcoming series of The Crown is set to focus on the breakdown of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship, a topic which will “inevitably” affect Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship, according to a royal commentator. During the Duke and Duchess’s bombshell Oprah interview Harry admitted the brothers have been through “hell together” but are on “different paths”. Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti said the resurgence in the interest surrounding their childhood will “definitely” change the brothers’ relationship.

    The upcoming series five of Netflix’s The Crown will follow events throughout the 1990s, including 1992, which Queen Elizabeth famously dubbed her “annus horribilis” (horrible year).

    That year brought the end of three royal marriages, including the collapse of a then Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the fire which ripped through Windsor Castle.

    Mr Sacerdoti questioned whether this will bring the brothers closer or push them further apart.

    He told Express.co.uk: “The Crown will touch much more on their life and the things that affected them, so I think it’s inevitable there will be an increased interest in their lives and their history.

    “It could make them feel closer or it could make them feel less close.”

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    Neither Prince William nor Harry have commented on the show’s depiction of their mother and father but Mr Sacerdoti believes Harry will respond in his own way in the form of his docuseries with the streaming giant.

    He said: “Harry obviously feels very bitter about how his life story has been told so given that is the case they maybe feel their approach of having their own story is enough of a response to fiction about that and they maybe feel that’s their way of setting the story straight.”

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed a lucrative deal with Netflix but are yet to release anything.

    Megan Markle recently confirmed they were working on a series saying: “It’s nice to be able to trust someone with our story.”

    Series five of The Crown will also include the bombshell Diana interview with disgraced journalist Martin Bashir.

    Following the revelation that Bashir was found to have used “deceitful methods” and breached BBC guidelines to scoop an interview with the Princess, Prince William said the interview should “never be aired again”.

    A source close to the Prince told The Telegraph that the Prince had made his feelings “very clear” about it and that The Crown’s depiction will be “met in the way you would expect”.


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