'Insulting licence payers!' Brexiteer fury over BBC’s 'taking the knee' coverage

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It comes after Tory MP Andrew Bridgen hit out at how England players can “take the knee” but are “not allowed to display poppies”.

He said on Twitter after England vs Austria: “This is the symbol of the divisive and Marxist BLM group.

“But players are not allowed to display poppies on their shirts in support of our veterans and those serving in our armed forces.

“And they wonder why the crowd voiced their protestations.”

Players are allowed to wear poppies, and the Premier League website states it is “proud to support The Royal British Legion since 2012″.

Taking the knee is also not exclusive to Black Lives Matter protests, and began after former NFL player Colin Kaepernick knelt during the US national anthem in 2016.

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