Iran security forces drop tear gas and fire at protesters from helicopters – video


    Iranian security forces have opened fire on crowds of protesters, as well as dropping tear gas and sound bombs, in an attempt to dispel them from the satellite city of Karaj, footage has shown. As thousands of Iranian civilians flooded the streets in memory of a 22-year-old woman killed during protests 40 days ago, members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were seen flying helicopters overhead, running through traffic firing shotguns and firing tear gas into groups of local citizens. It is one of the largest demonstrations in Iran of the past few weeks, with fatalities yet to be confirmed but considered probable, as fighting between the two groups led to widespread casualties. 

    Footage sent to showed a yellow helicopter flying over the protests, operated by Iranian security forces. The officials within the aircraft then opened fire on protesters from above. 

    Another video shows one helicopter trying to rescue injured members of the Revolutionary Guards injured by angry protesters. 

    The demonstrations began after security forces shut down the Behesht Sakineh cemetery where 22-year-old TikTok-er Hadis Najafi, who has become a symbol of the unrest engulfing Iran, is buried.  

    They also blocked the roads leading to Ms Najafi’s grave in order to prevent Iranians from fulfilling their custom of paying their respects to the dead 40 days after their passing, but thousands of protesters reportedly managed to make their way around the roadblocks. 

    Ms Najafi’s sister was instructed to remove a post made last week inviting Iranians to join her in the traditional mourning ceremony. 

    Ms Najafi was killed in Karaj, which is a small city attached to the west of Tehran, Iran’s capital, after she was shot by security forces while attending a protest over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on September 16. Ms Amini was killed by Iran’s morality police after being arrested for not wearing her hijab in accordance with the Islamic regime’s strict dress code. 

    Protesters on Thursday were filmed tearing apart a piece of clothing belonging to the regime-affiliated mullah, one of the clergy members of the Islamic authorities. 

    As tensions between the protesters and the security forces reached boiling point, footage showed the windscreen of a vehicle belonging to the security forces smashed to pieces. 

    Inside the vehicle, several members of the Iranian security forces can be seen heavily wounded and bleeding after being attacked by the protesters. The side of the white car is stained with blood. 

    Another vehicle belonging to the IRGC was seen engulfed in flames while on its side in the middle of a road in Karaj. 

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