James Corden called out by Balthazar boss AGAIN after actor's claim he 'did nothing wrong'


    Restaurant boss Keith McNally has once again hit out at comedian James Corden, whom he previously branded “the most abusive customer to my servers” to ever set foot in his New York eatery. The Balthazar owner demanded the Gavin and Stacey star “come clean” following an interview that saw him deny any wrongdoing.

    In view of his 93,200 Instagram followers, Keith wrote: “STORM IN A RESTAURANT TEACUP. I’ve no wish to kick a man when he’s down. 

    “Especially one who’s worth $100 Million, but when James Corden said in yesterday’s NY Times that he hadn’t done ‘anything wrong, on any level,’ was he joking? 

    “Or was he denying being abusive to my servers? Whatever Corden meant, his implication was clear: he didn’t do it.

    “Although I didn’t witness the incident, lots of my restaurant’s floor staff did. 

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    James Corden is said to have left a member of Balthazar staff “shaken” after he yelled at them following a food complaint.

    “James Corden is a hugely gifted comedian, but a tiny cretin of a man,” Keith told his followers four days ago.

    “And the most abusive customer to my Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago.”

    Following Keith’s detailed account of how James had allegedly been abusive towards his staff, the Cats actor addressed the accusations. 

    “I haven’t done anything wrong, on any level,” he told the New York Times in an article published yesterday. 

    “So why would I ever cancel this?” he said in reference to his interview addressing the situation. “I was there. I get it. I feel so Zen about the whole thing. 

    “Because I think it’s so silly. I just think it’s beneath all of us. It’s beneath you. It’s certainly beneath your publication,” he insisted.

    Express.co.uk have contacted James Corden’s representatives, who have declined to comment.


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