John McDonnell predicts plot to replace Boris Johnson with Rishi Sunak after poll slump


    The prominent Corbynista spoke as just 25 percent of the public thought that Mr Johnson was a good leader, according to the latest YouGov survey. Mr McDonnell – never famed for having his finger on the pulse of public opinion – said this loss of popularity would start asking questions about Mr Johnson’s suitability to lead the country among Tory MPs.

    The former Shadow Chancellor tweeted: “As (Mr) Johnson’s poll ratings take an inevitable dip the Tories (are) likely to start planning when to dump him for (Mr) Sunak.

    “Time to remind people how much of our pandemic plans he either refused to or delayed in delivering last year.

    “He’s [Mr Johnson] implicated in every failure and misjudgment.”

    The hard-left politician – whose economic policies were often derided as ludicrously unaffordable – cited a tweet he posted at the start of the pandemic when he made his latest outburst.

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    It comes after a poll by Survation revealed a narrowing gap between the parties, with the Conservatives on 39 percent and Labour on 35 percent.

    To stave off Sir Keir Starmer gaining more ground, it has been alleged that the Tories could oust Mr Johnson before the party’s popularity takes a further hit.

    Commenting on the latest YouGov poll, James Johnson, a pollster at the firm JL Partners, said: “A real shift. Going by this week’s focus groups it is the Boris/Rishi self-isolation ping story that’s done it.”

    Both polls would see the Conservatives remain the largest party in the UK should a general election be held tomorrow.

    But they also revealed a significant cut in their popularity – after they consistently captured above 40 percent of the vote during the pandemic.

    No doubt news of this waning support will trigger alarm bells among Tory MPs – keen to keep their seats in any upcoming election.

    The YouGov poll was commissioned for the Times newspaper and fieldwork was conducted between July 20 and 21.

    The Survation poll quoted was conducted between July 19 and 20.


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