Kate Middleton says her kids are ‘very interested’ in William and Harry’s shared hobby


    The Duchess of Cambridge spent time on Wednesday visiting a British military airbase which was involved in rescue missions in Afghanistan where she revealed her kids were very fond of everything aircraft. During her time with the airforce military at the RAF Brize Norton airbase, Prince William’s spouse thanked members of the rescue teams who helped evacuate 15,000 people from Afghanistan in recent weeks.

    In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Loadmaster Sergeant Mark Curtis said Kate knew three little ones who would have loved to visit the military plane too.

    “She did mention that her children are very interested in aircraft,” said Curtis.

    It’s no wonder the topic of children came to mind during the visit as many of the people rescued by these military officers were kids and babies.

    “The sight down the back of the aeroplane was phenomenal.

    “A crowd of faces, and there were so many children, like half of all of those flights were with children and small babies.

    “And, you know, those children were just like our children getting on board a massive airplane, they were really excited.

    “Whereas the adults were all more relieved, shocked and scared and wondering what was happening next.”

    Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3, might have received the aircraft bug from their great-grandfather Philip, father William and uncle Harry.

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    He carried on this hobby until 1997 when he flew his last ever flight from Carlisle to Islay aged 76.

    Despite his sister dying in this horrific way, and the Queen’s uncle too, Philip was still determined to learn how to fly.

    Prince George and Prince Charlotte have some experience in a private plane as they jetted off overseas to accompany their parents on important engagements before they had turned two.

    George first took part in an official tour when he was just nine months old, visiting Australia between April 7 to 25 2014.

    Charlotte visited Canada between September 24 and October 1 2016 when she was just 16 months old.

    Reports from Hello! magazine and news agency ANI said Prince William, Kate and their three children were all attendees at Mr James Middleton’s wedding last weekend in France.

    It marked the first time the three-year-old Prince had left the UK, after being born in 2018.

    Following what his mum said, the youngest child of Kate and William probably entered his first plane to Provence with glee. 


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