Kate Middleton's new title set to be 'bittersweet moment' for Prince William


    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will receive a new title when Prince Charles takes the throne. Kate will become “Princess of Wales” which was formally held by Princess Diana and Prince William will become “Prince of Wales”. Us Weekly’s royal correspondent Christina Garibaldi claimed that it will be a “bittersweet” moment for William as his wife takes on his late mother’s title.

    Christina Garibaldi, a host of the Royally Us, said: “There are reports out there that it’s going to be a very bittersweet moment for Prince William when his wife Duchess Kate receives her new title when Prince Charles becomes King.

    “It’s sometimes confusing that so many titles change when there are shifts in the monarchy but this is definitely going to be a historic title for Princess Catherine.

    Christine Ross, a co-host of the Royally US said: “So when Prince Charles becomes King, Kate will become the new Princess of Wales so William will be the Prince of Wales as he is the heir to the throne and his wife is the Princess of Wales and that title hasn’t been held since Princess Diana held it during her marriage.

    “She was Diana, Princess of Wales and it has become almost synonymous with Diana’s name and her personality and her legacy is that of the Princesses of Wales so I think when Kate steps into that role it is going to be bittersweet because it’s going to stir up so many memories of his own mother.”

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    In the process, it is believed that Kate can also adopt Princess Diana’s style once she adopts the titles Princess of Wales.

    CNN anchor Max Foster spoke largely about Kate’s additional titles on his TikTok account: “William was born as a Prince, the grandchild of the Queen.

    “When Kate married William, she automatically became Her Royal Highness Prince William of Wales but she doesn’t use that title.

    “The couple preferred to go by a separate set of titles that Queen gave them that day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

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    “There is a degree of talk about transition behind palace gates.

    “She’s de facto the next Princess of Wales.

    “The Duchess of Cornwall has never taken that title for obvious reasons but she is effectively the person who is going to fill Diana’s shoes when the time comes.

    “I think she feels the weight of that responsibility.

    “She’s worn the late Princess’ ring now for more than a decade but that’s where we’re going to see this couple go now.

    “The future Prince and Princess of Wales and of course preparing William to become King one day and Kate to be Queen by his side.”


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