Kensington Cafe loved by Princess Diana, William and Harry where friendship blossomed


    The owner of Café Diana, Abdul Daoud, sent the Princess flowers every year on her birthday. And – as a memorial was unveiled at the Sunken Gardens in her honour – Mr Daoud also made sure her 60th a special day.

    Royal fans were welcomed to his Kensington café on the day – Thursday, July 1.

    It is just down the road from Kensington Palace where Diana lived with William and Harry.

    He named his café in adoration of the Princess who frequented the café regularly to say hello and thank him for the yearly bouquet.

    Diana stopped by the café upon seeing her name on the sign – less than a month after Mr Daoud opened the doors.

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    Abdul Daoud was deeply saddened upon hearing about her tragic death in 1997.

    He closed the café for two days after Diana died and, upon reopening, it was flooded with fans coming to pay their respects to the late Princess.

    It has since become a destination for Diana fans to remember her legacy.

    “It was hard, for two days I didn’t sleep as well, so. It is something you miss. Like you lost something really precious to you, like part of my family,” he told AP.

    “She was just a tragedy, very sadly missed and we loved her to bits. I loved her to bits. And she will be in our hearts from now and forever.”

    The café is just down the road from the Diana statue that was unveiled Thursday by Prince William and Prince Harry in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace.

    The Kensington Palace gates were covered in tributes to Diana to mark her birthday on July 1.


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