Kuenssberg confronts Starmer over 'realistic' economic plans 'Be truthful with the public'


    The BBC ‘s Laura Kuenssberg took Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, to task over his plans for the country if he was to take over as Prime Minister. She pointed to the former governor of the Bank of England, Lord Mervyn King, who told the BBC programme that the next government needs to be honest about the “reduction in our national standard of living”. Sir Keir largely dodged the questions, as he insisted he would “not write his manifesto” live on air.

    Ms Kuenssberg said: “We heard Lord King say here, powerfully and clearly, that we have all been living in a fantasy land.

    “He said that public expenditure will be going up and that taxes are going to go up, not just for the richest but for everyone. Do you accept that?”

    Sir Keir admitted that “damage has been done to our economy”, adding: “Any incoming government will have to pick up the mess of the Tory’s making.”

    However, he refused to go into detail about whether he would raise taxes across the board.

    Ms Kuenssberg hit back: “We have heard the former chief of the Bank of England saying you have to be realistic and be truthful to the public, that you have to say taxes are going to go up.”

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