Labour councillor reported over ‘anti-Semitic’ song at Jeremy Corbyn’s Liverpool march


    Labour Against Antisemitism (LAAS) revealed this evening it had reported Cressington councillor Sam Gorst for allegedly singing along to a song which calls for Jewish people to leave the Middle East. Mr Corbyn led a crowd of thousands including former shadow chancellor John McDonnell to oppose a planned arms fair in Liverpool.

    In footage which has since gone viral, a female activist with a megaphone can be heard singing: “From the river to the sea…Palestine will be free.”

    Many in the crowd chanted along to the pro-Palestinian song – which has been accused of calling for Israel and Jewish people to leave the Middle East.

    One man, who can be seen singing, bears a striking resemblance to Mr Gorst. He is helping to carry one side of a banner.

    In Twitter posts, Mr Gorst smiles for the camera as he carries exactly the same banner – wearing identical clothes.

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    Some exhibitors at the event have faced claims over the sale of equipment to the militaries and security forces of countries accused of serious human rights abuses.

    Mr Corbyn spoke atop a Fire Brigade Union engine at St George’s Plateau where the protest culminated following two marches from Toxteth to the cathedral and, after a series of speeches, through the city’s shopping district.

    He told the crowd: “Think of what this arms fair is about. Showcasing weapons of destruction, showcasing weapons of surveillance, of information, and of the ability to target particular places.

    “And it all sounds great. It all sounds fun. You look at it on videos, you look at it on television, you look at it on your computer. And then you realise it kills people.

    “Children in Gaza. Children in Yemen. Children in Somalia. Children in Myanmar. Children in so many places.

    “All kinds of people turn up at these arms fairs to buy things, and they’re sold through arms dealers. Those arms dealers have no compunction who they sell them to, or what they do at the end of it. Indeed, they advertise their effectiveness.

    “So if we’re serious about peace and justice and human rights around the world, if we’re serious about the rights of the people of Yemen, then don’t sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, who are going to use them against the people of Yemen.”

    Other speakers included the Liverpool-born former Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell, actor Maxine Peak, former Lord Mayor Anna Rothery, and Chantelle Lunt, founder of Merseyside Black Lives Matter. has contacted Mr Gorst for comment.


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