Labour MP Valerie Vaz slammed after casting doubt on Boris Johnson in ICU


    Speaking to BBC Politics Live Labour MP Valerie Vaz suggested Prime Minister Boris Johnson was not as ill in intensive care with coronavirus as the public “were led to believe”. She accused the PM of being “not quite at death’s door” while in ICU despite not having evidence for claims. But Twitter erupted in fury at the comments. Vaz made the comments during a discussion on the decision-making role of Johnson’s former aide Dominic Cummings during the PM’s time in intensive care. Dominic Cummings will appear before a parliamentary select committee on Wednesday to give evidence to an inquiry into Boris and the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. 

    Ms Vaz said: “Remember the Prime Minister was in hospital for a while, not quite at death’s door that we were led to believe – but he was there.”

    But MP Simon Clarke, Minister for Local Government jumped in and said: “Valerie, that is an extraordinary thing to say! Are you impuning the Prime Minister’s integrity?”

    He added: “I think it is genuinely wrong of Valerie to question how sick the Prime Minister was.

    “He was in intensive care and very, very ill and I think we should not allow that to pass without comment, that was simply wrong to say that.”

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    Host Jo Coburn questioned Ms Vaz’s comments and demanded evidence, saying: “Valerie do you want to take back what you said? There is no evidence is there that Boris Johnson wasn’t seriously ill!”

    But Vaz quickly backtracked saying: “I don’t know! None of us were in the room.”

    Simon Clarke furiously interjected: “He was in intensive care Valerie!”

    Vaz replied: “Ok, so he was in intensive care! I don’t know – I’m not his doctor!”

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    While a second chimed: “Anyone who themselves suffered a bad dose of Covid that affected their lungs will have recognised Johnson’s breathing/speech pattern when he spoke in the Commons and at Press conferences for some time afterwards.”

    A third blasted the Labour MP’s comments, saying: “Another one who should be fearing for their job not questioning of a man never mind the prime minister was seriously ill in hospital.”

    And a fourth did not hold back either, saying: “It’s really difficult to be a Labour supporter when the majority of the current MPs constantly talk unnecessary s****.”

    Dominic Cummings will appear in front of a parliamentary select committee on Wendnesday to give an unfiltered testimony on the UK’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic following weeks of allegations levied from his personal blog about Boris’s comeptence as Prime Minister throughout the pandemic.


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