‘Leave the mowing’: When to stop cutting the lawn for winter – prevent damaging it


    Samantha added: “As winter arrives you can leave the mowing altogether.

    “Grass doesn’t tend to grow much during this time of year and cutting wet or frosty grass can damage it.”

    During these months, the expert recommends getting your lawnmower serviced.

    The expert went on: “It may not be possible to avoid using the lawn over the winter months, especially if you have children or pets.

    “However, reducing foot traffic or heavy use will protect it from damage.

    “If more leaves or moss have appeared on your lawn, you can continue to rake these away.

    “Pick a dry day and use a long-handled rake to reduce your impact on the lawn.

    “Lastly, keep an eye out for problems such as algae and fungal diseases.

    “Smily, brown or mouldy looking patches could be a sign of trouble.

    “If you spot something that concerns you, contact a professional for some advice.”

    This means it’ll be ready to bring out in the spring, when the grass begins to grow again.


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