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Lessons in leadership for progressive women


Do you want more women leaders in the world? If yes, we are on the same page because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing successful women. But there is a big question: how can we do this? However, in today’s writing, we will discuss the ways to develop more women leaders. Moreover, other women need to learn hidden lessons but still have a substantial impact. 

The importance of empowering women leaders:

There is no doubt that women face barriers and feel compressed in their related fields. However, it is a need for time to empower other women with positive examples and role models in this situation. Many studies and surveys prove that women face a lack of representation in all fields of life. According to a study, 82% of Americans feel that women don’t have the same career advancement opportunities. Apart from this, 1 in 4 Americans says there is no women leadership in top positions of companies. But now, the world is changing, and people are ready to adopt changes. In the past, only 63% of women had female mentors. But now, more than 72% of millennial women consider women leaders as their role models. 

Let’s change the perspective: 

During the pandemic, the world saw the importance of women’s leadership. For instance, countries like Denmark, Taiwan, and New Zealand were led by women. Still, most of the world is different. Here are the following stats that show discrimination. The study divided the priority of women’s leadership in other organizations:

A recent study focused on how males and females responded during the pandemic. However, the results were the following: 

“Women scored better on 13 out of 19 fields than men.”

So, in this way, we saw the effectiveness of women’s leadership. Women leaders feel more self-aware and empathetic. However, these qualities could work as a role model for other women suffering in an oppressed environment. 9 out of 10 American employees think that traditions and high expectations are the main reasons behind the lack of women’s representation in top positions. Apart from this, you can check the stats of any check stub maker to check that women’s pay scale is less than the men’s. So, we need to eliminate these discriminations. In this way, we can block imputed income paths that are on the rise due to a lack of opportunities. 

Lessons in women’s leadership for other ladies:

If we want to see women in the mainstream environment, we will have to lead by example. However, if more women leaders are there, other ladies will feel eager to achieve something extraordinary. So, here are the lessons that other ladies need to learn from the life of women’s leaders. 

Include everyone in your journey: 

A successful person knows the power of inclusivity. However, you can convey goals, vision, and mission to the related team with this power. Later, you will work towards a final goal as a team. Successful women leaders include everyone in processes and policymaking. It shows that they care about all the people working in the organization. Moreover, it’s the best way to eliminate polarization and conflict. 

Has strong communication skills: 

If you want to be a leader, learn that communication is the key to success. If you aren’t vocal, you won’t be able to convey a message to your team, peers, and subordinates. Moreover, poor communication skills create confusion and may cause conflict. Apart from excellent communication skills, you need to remain honest. Men and women who speak poorly communicate in different ways. The primary purpose of communication is to provide information, but men leaders are bad at it. In contrast, female leaders are more open, vocal, and willing to share their thoughts openly. 

Know your ability: 

If you want to conquer high mountains, then conduct a self-analysis. In this way, you will be able to work on the weak points and use your strengths to go further. The experts recommend performing a SWOT analysis: 

Strengths Weaknesses
Opportunities Threats


But if you lack confidence, work on this life-changing mantra “Fake it until you make it.” So, instead of doubting yourself, take guidance from the reflection of other women and try to become empowered. 

Female leaders are proactive: 

If you want to go further, it’s vital to have a good forecasting ability. Many studies support that females are more proactive than males. For instance, the prime minister of New Zealand forecasted the COVID outbreak and sealed borders on time. As a result of this action, she saved millions of people from deadly COVID. So, leadership is a game of conviction and forecasting. If you can predict things correctly, you can go further and far. 

Strong women empower others: 

A strong woman leader supports and empowers other people. However, you can take examples of many female leaders who don’t believe in leg-pulling but instead pave the way for others to go far. We can take the example of former first lady Michael Obama who has many NGOs to empower girls. Moreover, other ladies believe in compassion, empathy, and authenticity. So, if you want to take control of your life, start learning from the women in charge. The world needs more gender-balanced minds and an environment that doesn’t stop females from achieving what they want. 


Building a world with gender equality and a woman-inclusive environment is needed. So, for this purpose, we need to work on the following things: 

  • Fill up the wage gap 
  • Change organizational policies 
  • And try to build a diverse workforce 

According to Morgan Stanley, companies can earn more profit by working on the gender diversity model. We already have a direction; the only need is to change our mindsets and start working in the right direction.

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