Lewis Hamilton pulling out all the stops as Mercedes star plans Max Verstappen overhaul


    “Furthermore it isn’t all of the factory,” adds Allison, “and furthermore, we [Brackley] are only one of two factories, there’s also the PU factory [at Brixworth] and there is a little bit more to come from the PU. So there’s some more aerodynamic change in the offing, a little bit of PU, we hope, on the delivery side and just a few things that are not quite as tidy as we would wish that we still have an opportunity to put right while this season is still very much alive and hot.”

    Meanwhile, Hamilton added: “I knew that we had that upgrade coming, but at the end of the day the guys are working, everyone is working absolutely flat out.

    “We’re learning more and more about this car, we’re discovering where we need to push more and extract more, and I have all the confidence in the team that we will do over the course of time.”


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