Lewis Hamilton's mind games with Max Verstappen reminiscent of Nico Rosberg battle – Hill


    Former Formula One world champion Damon Hill believes Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to mind games, after the reigning champion insisting he has no interest in getting into a ‘childish war of words’ with Max Verstappen in their title fight.

    Hamilton has fallen behind the Dutchman in the driver’s standings after Vertappen stormed to victory around the streets of Monaco, with the Mercedes team suffering a torrid weekend.

    In the build-up to the weekend however, the Briton declared his title rival perhaps felt he had “a lot to prove” – something the Dutchman dismissed.

    And speaking in the aftermath, Verstappen claimed he had allowed the talking to happen on track.

    Hamilton said he refused to get involved in a war of words, and claimed he didn’t much care what Red Bull had to say, yet Hill believed it had hints of the Nico Rosberg bitter rivalry back in 2016, where the German beat the seven-time world champion to the title.

    According to Hill, Hamilton does like the mental games, even if he says he doesn’t.

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    He said: ”Lewis, he says he doesn’t, but he does play the odd comment every known and then, remember with Nico [Rosberg] and he was talking about how he’s from a poor background, and not a rich kid who lived in Monaco.

    “Who was that directed at exactly?

    “Lewis Has had the best start to any season he’s ever had I think, only now is he behind in the championship, which actually is a situation normal.

    “It’s not a big loss, Monaco, it’s a blip and we’re back to situation normal, I think we’ll find that in Baku, and the rest of the season is going to be pretty tough.

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