Liz Truss LIVE: PM put on notice as Hunt meets with 1922 Committee kingmaker Graham Brady


    James Cleverly said he understands why people are “frustrated” with Liz Truss but warned his colleagues against “defenestrating” another Prime Minister. 

    Speaking to Sky News the Foreign Secretary said the current polls are “disconcerting if you’re a member of the Government” but said the Government is “focused” on delivering for the British people. 

    He added: “What I’m not convinced by – far, far from convinced by – is that going through another leadership campaign, defenestrating another prime minister, will either convince the British people that we’re thinking about them rather than ourselves, or convince the markets to stay calm and ensure things like those bond yields and gilt yields start coming back down.

    “Being angry, again, I totally get it. But that’s an emotional response, it’s not a plan.

    “And the Prime Minister’s got a plan, the Chancellor’s got a plan.”


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