Location Location Location is looking for properties – could your home be on the show?



    Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location has been on Britons’ TV screens for 20 years. The show helps the country’s most challenging house hunters find their dream home. The show is co-presented by property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.

    A post on the Location, Location, Location Instagram page reads: “Are you thinking of selling your home? Or know of someone who might be selling theirs?

    “Location, Location, Location have serious chain-free buyers who are looking to purchase a two-bedroom property with outdoor space in Brislington, Easton, Greenbank, St. George and Redfield.

    “We are filming soon! If you are considering selling, or if your home is already on the market, please email hannah.chandler@iwcmedia.co.uk ASAP.”

    If you have a property that you’re looking to sell that fits the bill, your home could be featured on the show.

    The property duo is also currently asking people from the areas of Epsom, Banstead and Ashtead in Surrey what it’s like to live and work there.

    A Location, Location, Location release read: “Location, Location, Location are currently filming in the Epsom, Banstead and Ashtead area and they need your help.

    “They are looking for a few sentences from locals about what it’s like to live/work in the area.

    “What are the locals generally like? Is it a nice area to live in? What are the local schools like? What’s the commute into London like?

    “Just a few sentences or a short paragraph would suffice!

    “Feel free to email your opinions on what it’s like to live in the local area to catherine.walker@iwcmedia.co.uk.”

    Julyan Sinclair, the series producer, told SurreyLive: “[Tuesday, June 15 was] the first presenter day of filming in Surrey (we film with the house hunters beforehand), and the teams in the office have been working on this search for over a month.

    “The show will likely air in autumn, although we won’t have a specific date until all the episodes for this series have been filmed and edited.

    “It’s a pleasure doing property searches in this part of the world – locals are always friendly and helpful, even when the speed of the market isn’t!”


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