'Looking for more attention' Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attacked after turning on Firm


    Australian Senator for the NSW Liberal Party, Hollie Hughes reflected on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s actions since stepping down as senior royals. While speaking on Sky News Australia, Ms Hughes claimed the pair are doing things to remain in the public eye. She claimed this contradicted their demands for more of a private life.

    She also claimed the pair were using their platforms to attack the Royal Family and their treatment.

    Ms Hughes said: “I don’t think Prince Harry understands very much at the moment.

    “He least of all understands the definition of privacy.

    “For a couple allegedly left the Royal Family, left The Firm seeking privacy for themselves and their family they seem to be doing an awful lot in the public eye.

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    “They are looking for more and more attention.

    “They are then using this attention to then wack Prince Harry’s family.”

    Ms Hughes admitted she was sympathetic towards Prince Harry.

    However, she then accused the Duke of being under Meghan Markle’s “spell”.

    While speaking on TalkRadio he said: “As far as Harry and Meghan are concerned, I think they will be left to sort things out on their own.

    “They’ve been a distraction for the most part of the Royal Family.

    “The rest of the Royal Family are very, very united in trying to get back to business.”


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