Lorraine Kelly: Inside TV presenter’s lavish property with huge open plan kitchen – ‘wow’


    Lorraine Kelly lives in a gorgeous river side property in Buckinghamshire along with her husband and dogs. The television presenter often shares photos of the interior of her stunning home on Instagram. On today’s episode of Lorraine, Dr Amir Khan visited Lorraine’s home to share how the presenter could be more eco-friendly.

    In Lorraine’s kitchen, Dr Amir revealed that the UK produces five million tonnes of plastic each year, and less than half of that is being recycled.

    Lorraine said: “Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed – ‘I’m only one person, what can I do?’ or ‘We’re only one family, what can we do?’ But all of these things you’ve told us, wee tiny things can make all the difference.”

    Methods included using reusable kitchen paper as well as reusable food wrap.

    ITV viewers were also treated to a glimpse of Lorraine’s home including her huge kitchen, dining room and garden.

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    The room was tastefully decorated with neutral walls which had six patterned plates on for decoration.

    Lorraine’s worktops were full with knives, cooking books and a bread bin taking up the majority of the counter space. 

    The room had a table situated in the centre with white wooden chairs on either side.

    Towards the back of the open plan kitchen featured Lorraine’s conservatory, with upholstered chairs around a wooden table.

    One snap of the presenter’s dogs lying on the sofa in the living room shows a comfy leather sofa with blue cushions on.

    In the background yellow cushions sit on another sofa with a table in-between the two.

    A neutral-toned rug was placed on the wooden floor to make Lorraine’s home cosy.

    Other photos and videos show a spacious living room with a large bookshelf stacked full of books.

    It also featured a ladder, so that the books at the top of the shelf can be reached.

    The room is complete with pinstripe curtains, again in neutral tones of beige, white and grey.

    The radiators have a white cover which the presenter has used to place photo frames and plants on.

    Viewers also took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Lorraine’s stunning property.

    Adele James wrote: “Love being nosy inside celebrities’ homes, wow.”

    “I don’t watch Lorraine everyday but her home is beautiful,” tweeted Nicola Austin.


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