Love horoscope 2021: Will YOU find love by the end of this year? What your star sign says


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    Struggling to find ‘The One’? Or maybe you’re going through a messy breakup right now? Don’t worry, the psychics can take the guessing work out of dating and relationships. chatted to the psychic reader Estella from Psychic Sofa to find out whether or not YOU will find love this autumn and how you can boost your chances.

    They say love is all you need, but when what you want seems hard to attain, it’s easy to get disheartened and give up.

    Libra, Gemini and Aries are the most likely to find love this autumn, according to psychic Estella.

    But what about the rest of us? Here’s the autumn love horoscope for 2021 for every single star sign.


    Aries, you’re most likely to meet like-minded people by doing what you love.

    As a star sign ruled by Mars – the planet of action and motivation – you’re very passionate about everything you put your mind to, and, in general, you light up everyone’s lives with your burning Aries fire, according to Estella.

    The psychic said: “If love just hasn’t come your way yet, it may be because you’re attracting the wrong types of personalities.

    “You want your soulmate to be your match, sparking that flame within that encourages new adventures, good times and the belief that anything is possible.

    “To channel the true love you want, go out there and take part in the activities that bring you the most joy because it’s there that you’ll meet like-minded people who share the same passions as you.

    “And when you do meet that lovely individual, keep the fire alive with surprise dates and short adventures, because not only will they feel special, but it’s the fastest way to their heart.”


    Taurus, the psychics want you to take care of yourself and show love!

    An earth sign that has a reputation for being logical and very practical – if past experiences haven’t been wholly pleasant, it’s understandable that you think your future love life seems bleak.

    However, that’s far from true! Estella pointed out: “Your ruling planet is Venus after all – the planet of love and beauty.

    “Consider what defines you, Taurus. You’re sensual, so you’re attracted to someone who looks good, has their life together and cares about those around them.

    “Well then, become this person too. Take time with your appearance in the morning, show love and appreciation for those in your life, and, if you can, use your brainpower for good.

    “There’ll be a shift in the universe, and you’ll be rewarded with the love you know you deserve.”

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    Love horoscope 2021:

    Love horoscope 2021: Are you due to find love? (Image: Getty)

    Love horoscope 2021:

    Love horoscope 2021: Libra, Gemini and Aries are most likely to find love (Image: Getty)


    Gemini, trying new and exciting things will lead you on the path to love.

    Part of the issue, Gemini, is that you don’t always hold a strong interest in others for long, and this can scare people off.

    Estella said: “You need someone who not only grabs your attention and can keep up with your busy lifestyle, but also someone who enjoys being along for the ride and has their own journey they’d like you to join them on.

    “To channel love then, you value the new and exciting, and people who can teach you things so that you grow.

    “Why not try a new hobby or class and see where that takes you? Who knows all the intellectually stimulating people you may meet.”


    Cancer, it’s time to trust yourself and others and open up.

    When it comes to love, Cancerians are always 100 percent in.

    If your partner hasn’t put in as much effort as you in the past, it may have left you feeling unworthy and unappreciated, Estella said.

    The psychic added: “When it comes to channelling love, it’s about setting boundaries, and being clear about what you need from your partner so that if they can’t meet those needs, you make an informed decision about whether the relationship should continue.”

    From now on, it’s important that you find someone you can trust and open up to so that they can make you feel secure and there’s no question of their feelings.

    Estella advised: “To do this, you have to let that person feel the same way too, letting them in completely and being open to compromise if occasionally needed.

    “You may have differences of opinion, choice of activities and interests, but making time for both will ensure that love burns eternally.”

    Love horoscope 2021:

    Love horoscope 2021: Cancer, trust yourself and others! (Image: Getty)


    Leos just need to continue to be generous and loving and love will come their way.

    As one of the most generous star signs, Leos love little signs of affection.

    Estella said: “You love the occasional surprise gift or activity that shows you they care.

    “So if in the past you’ve found that this hasn’t been reciprocated, then don’t succumb to lower standards than you’re worth.

    “Everyone should feel loved and appreciated, and you deserve the world, Leo.

    “There is someone out there who will value your kindness, consideration and love more than you could ever think possible, so to channel this, continue being your awesome self, and you’ll find that the right one will find you.”


    Virgos should focus on finding someone with shared values.

    Estella said: “One of your best personality traits is that you work so hard to ensure that your loved ones’ lives are running as smoothly as possible because you care so much about their happiness.

    “However, it can be easy to feel unappreciated when no gratitude or thanks is returned.

    “You need someone who notices and reciprocates the lovely things you do.

    “To channel love, you need to seek out these kinds of people – usually found volunteering, taking part in charity runs or standing up for what they believe in at causes and events.

    “With shared values being the foundation of a strong Virgo relationship, you’ll find that your commitment to each other will give you what you may be missing out on, and make your new partner feel like home.”

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    Get back out there and be adventurous if you want to find love, Libra.

    You’re a fascinating Zodiac sign, Libra, because there’s much complexity to your personality.

    You want someone who can match you intellectually and have great conversations with, while, at the same time, someone who you can travel with, take part in new experiences with and create memories that last a lifetime.

    Estrella said: “To channel this love, you need to start getting out there and loving life.

    “Take part in debates regarding topics you’re passionate about.

    “Create a list of all the places you’d like to visit. Get back into that hobby you always loved, so that you can find more enjoyment in life.

    “In doing these things, you’re showing the universe your truth, and what truly makes you happy.

    “Building up positivity around you, you welcome this in, and channel love through your experiences.”


    Scorpio, if you’re looking for love – be honest and put yourself out there.
    We all know that when a Scorpio lets someone in, it’s a rare and beautiful thing.

    Estrella said: “You want honesty and transparency from your special one right away, even though you take much longer to reciprocate.

    “This may have been your downfall in the past – expecting the world, but only offering a seed back.

    “To channel love, you have to be open to the possibility of there being real, authentic and fantastic people out there who will love you just the way you are, without judgement or fear.

    “We understand how tough this can be, but consider how much better your relationship will be when you’re both being honest from the start.

    “There’ll be no surprises, no time wasted, and no wondering where it all went wrong. You can do this Scorpio.”

    Love horoscope 2021: woman holding mans hand

    Love horoscope 2021: Is love on the cards for YOU? (Image: Getty)


    Sagittarius, you really need to focus on overcoming your commitment issues.

    Because you value freedom, and committing yourself to one person can seem daunting, it’s hardly surprising that channelling true love has been difficult.
    You like doing things your own way, Sagittarius.

    Estrella said: “Even when life gets tough, you always see the positive and have no time for downers or people who just make situations worse.

    “You have big dreams and hopeful aspirations, and you’re searching for someone who supports you through and through.

    “Look out for people who handle life with grace and sincerity, and realise that although no one is perfect, there is someone out there who is perfect for you.

    “If commitment is an issue, then you need to figure out why so that channelling love becomes far easier.

    “Seeking out spiritual guidance from a psychic love reading could help with this too.”


    Don’t waste time, Capricorn – move on!

    Have you ever been told that your star sign is not the easiest to approach?

    Your serious demeanour and self-presentation can appear cold or standoffish, and because you’re not always the most confident person, getting you to make the first move can be tough.

    However, we all know that Capricorns are talented, intelligent and wonderful people, who warm up quickly to the right people.

    Estrella advises: “To channel love, you should go to places where you feel most comfortable and can express yourself openly, drawing people into your brilliance.
    “Don’t waste your time with people who don’t value you.

    “Reliability and trustworthiness are two key traits for a successful Capricorn relationship.

    “If you experience repeated behaviour that you can’t abide by, it’s time to move on and find the true love you’re after.

    “There is someone out there who will love you just as you are, and so long as you can love them just as they are, you’ll both be golden.”

    Love horoscope 2021:

    Love horoscope 2021: It’s still Virgo season (Image: Getty)


    Aquarius, have you ever considered taking the friendship route?

    Relationships haven’t been easy for you, as your seemingly detached personality can be somewhat unnerving and your eccentricities can be a challenge for others at first.

    But, don’t fret! These are all good things, Aquarius.

    Estrella said: “You’re unique and you need someone who appreciates that.

    “Some of the greatest Aquarius love stories started out as friendships, and being with someone who understands your positives and flaws, and loves you for them, can lead to intimacy and true love.

    “To channel love, we actually recommend deepening the friendships in your life and considering relationships with those you know have your back.

    “Alternatively, taking the friendship route first with someone you like, so that you get to know each other better, and then figuring out whether there’s something more to your attraction can ensure that you truly know someone before letting them get close.”


    Deal with the reality of relationships, dreamy Pisces.

    You’re an old-school romantic, aren’t you Pisces?

    You long for a fairytale romance, and your idealistic approach to love is very sweet.

    However, when partners don’t meet your expectations, you have been known to chuck the odd one away.

    Estrella said: “Channelling love involves giving people a chance and realising that you aren’t perfect either.

    “You want someone to take you as you are, but doesn’t your partner deserve the same treatment?

    “Letting the universe know that you’re up for an adventure and will take opportunities as they come, regardless of the hurdles, is a good way to channel love into all aspects of your life.

    “Real life is tough, and not always great, but how we deal with it is the making of us. And that makes for a far more exciting story, don’t you think?”


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