Lynsey Crombie: 'Be strategic and be ruthless' – my guide to decluttering and organising



    Once, I cleaned a house where a man had 120 televisions in his loungue. They were from years ago, these big boxy TV’s taking up so much space. I decluttered the house of a woman who was so into cfrats her bedroom was full of it. Clutter, it sneaks up on us so easily, soon you can’t move for it. But, before the festive season is the perfect time to declutter your home.

    So, how can you declutter your home?

    In extreme cases like those I just mentioned, you just need to get everything out. You need three big tubs, one that says keep, one that says recycle, and one that says throw away.

    Get everything out and seperate it into those tubs. If you have a huge job, but three ground sheets on the garden for keep, recyle, throw away and go from there.

    Be strategic and be ruthless. If you’re umming and ahhing, you don’t need it.

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    Piles of clutter make people feel uneasy, so they need to look at their spacrs through the eyes of guests.

    One you have your friend to help you, the first thing you’ll do is you’ll find that clutter zone. Most piople will have one. It could be under a bed. It could be in a cupboard.

    Find the clutter zone and take a before photo. And then when you finish, you can do an after photo and actually see how much you’ve achieved.

    Once your home is decluttered, how do you keep clutter at bay? I think it’s about being more sustainable. Fast fashion is a huge problem. Every time I go on the telly or do a press tour I feel like can’t wear the same outfit twice.

    The first step to reducing clutter is buying less.

    Have a designated space for your belongings and use drawer dividers. Then you can say I have a space for my medication, a space for my batteries etc.

    Every item that you bring into your home should have a space. If it’s not got a space in your home, it’s not needed.

    Using the great little hooks for the back of the door, they’re great for staying organised.

    Have a shoe rack for the hall so there aren’t shoes everywere and use baskets to store things.

    Also, make sure you are finding the time to declutter.

    Put your phone on aeroplane mode, turn distractions off for 15 mninutes, and focus.

    You know, sometimes we get a text message and you completely move away from what you’re doing. Don’t let that happen.

    Working against the clock makes you more productive and makes you more motivated. Happy decluttering!


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