Manifest season 4 release time: What time is Manifest out on Netflix?


    Manifest season four is coming to Netflix on November 4 and the installment marks the final part of the mystery. Viewers will finally discover what happened to the 828 passengers and the plane after it disappeared without explanation. has all you need to know about what time the series airs. 

    What time is Manifest season 4 out? 

    Manifest fans were left on the edge of their seats over the show’s future after NBC made the decision to cancel it after the third season. 

    It was thanks to a strongly-backed social media campaign that Netflix decided to save the drama, giving dedicated fans the finale they deserved. 

    The series was added to the streamer and it spent weeks in the top 10, providing Netflix with the reassurance it would continue to perform well. 

    It has been in the making for a long time but season four is almost here, with the 20-episode season being split into two halves. 

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    The first half, made up of 10 episodes, will air on November 4 with all of the installments arriving at the same time. 

    For fans in the US, they will be able to access the episodes from midnight on Friday, whereas those in the UK will have to wait until 8am. 

    As for when the second half of the series will air, a release date for part two is yet to be announced. 

    The season will pick up after a two-year time jump, with Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas) still struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife. 

    The first 10 episodes have been given unique titles and they are as follows: 

    Episode one – Touch and Go

    Episode two – All Call

    Episode three – High Flight

    Episode four – Go-Around

    Episode five – Squawk

    Episode six – Relative Bearing

    Episode seven – Romeo

    Episode eight – Full Upright & Locked Position

    Episode nine – Rendez-vous

    Episode 10 – Inversion Illusion

    Ben star Josh teased there would be a difficult road ahead for his character amongst others in the final season. 

    “We start part one of season four two years after where we left season three. So he has had a lot of time to throw anchor in this profound depth of anger and grief, and he’s questioning everything. 

    “He’s questioning everything about the callings, because as far as he’s concerned, they’ve given him nothing. 

    “They’ve only taken from him. So he wants nothing to do with them anymore,” he told Hollywood Reporter. 

    Manifest season 4 airs on Netflix on November 4. 


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