Martin Brundle questions if Red Bull rule breach is 'minor' as FIA sent message


    Martin Brundle has claimed Red Bull’s budget cap overspend should not be considered a “minor breach” as he calls for urgent FIA changes. The former F1 star stressed the governing body needed to change the rules to prevent teams from getting away with spending more than the allowance. 

    It comes after Red Bull broke the budget cap but stayed within a five per cent threshold. It means Red Bull are unlikely to face any severe sanctions such as sporting penalties with a financial penalty the most likely punishment. 

    However, Brundle has called for changes to ensure teams do not break the rules again in the future. Speaking to Sky Sports F1, he said: “Quite clearly the regulations need changing now. 

    A five per cent variance, that’s seven and a half, seven million dollars. Teams are telling me that’s a complete year’s development budget. So if you’re going to call that a minor breach, obviously that’s wrong isn’t it?

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    The FIA could also stipulate that Red Bull have to accept monitoring procedures on the constructor’s future spend. Brundle added: “Some teams will tell you $600,000 is an upgrade that’s worth a tenth of a second. 

    I don’t think every upgrade we ever put on a car was worth a tenth of a second ever, but some of them were. But then all of a sudden $600,000 is a crime because a tenth of a second in a race is six seconds, if you win a Formula One race by six seconds you’ve dominated it. 

    “So it is important like all the other regulations. I must say I think overall the FIA do a fantastic job in regulating and policing F1 in general. But we’ve seen too many things lately that really need sorting out now.”


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