Max Verstappen's dad Jos makes five-year prediction that's bad news for Lewis Hamilton


    Max Verstappen’s father Jos has claimed the Dutchman will have a “nice five years” as he predicts a dominant spell in F1. Jos stressed the “strongest driver always floats to the top”, hinting that his son Max can secure more titles over his Mercedes and Ferrari rivals, including Lewis Hamilton who is set to sign a new contract to remain in the sport beyond 2023.

    More importantly, Jos stressed F1’s rules will “remain largely the same” over the next several years which he thinks will help Max. That would be bad news for seven-time world champion Hamilton, who has been out of the title fight this season due to a lack of pace. Speaking to Viaplay, he said: “The rules will remain largely the same, the field will therefore come closer together and we will have better races.

    “But the strongest driver always floats to the top. If Red Bull continues like this, we will certainly have a nice five years.” Traditionally, teams can be dominant over the entire length of a rules package spell as Mercedes were from 2014 to 2021.

    Before that, Red Bull secured four titles between the last rules package from 2009 to 2013. With Verstappen winning 12 races this season and Mercedes over a second slower on pure pace, it is likely the reigning champion is set to continue his dominant streak in 2023.

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    “It was very different this year as we knew the title would come sooner or later, we just didn’t know when.” There was initial confusion over whether Verstappen had won the championship as the race didn’t reach full distance.

    Most people believed full points would not be awarded but an FIA rule said this only applies if the race does not restart. It means full points were dished out which allowed Verstappen to secure the title.


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