Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to reach 'tipping point' and give up Sussex titles



    Meghan Markle has been accused of using her title to gain access through cold calling US senators as part of her campaign for paid parental leave, and using her royal title to do so. Buckingham Palace officials have said that Meghan’s use of duchess title regarding politics is “outrageous” because members of the Royal Family try to steer clear from influencing political decisions, especially in a different country. 

    Royal Editor of the Daily Mirror, Russell Myers, joined Lorraine Kelly to talk about the Duchess of Sussex and her use of the title for her lobbying work.

    Lorraine commented: “I completely understand what she’s saying.

    “It’s a difficult one, though, isn’t it, it really is because they still are styling themselves as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

    Mr Myers said: “They are, the issue was because she was reaching out to senators getting their phone numbers and then they were picking up the phone of an unknown number and she was introducing yourself as Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.”

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    “So I think that is the line or the setting a grey area a little bit. You can understand that.

    “Listen, a really important campaign, making strides on it and I think that anyone should be supporting that move for paid parental leave.”

    Lorraine suggested the Duke and Duchess of Sussex however may reach a “tipping point” where they may need to give up their titles in the future.

    The Queen awarded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex in honour of their wedding in May 2018.

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    A statute to remove their titles would need to be voted on and passed by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

    Unnamed senior figures of the Palace told Evening Standard that there is “no appetite” to strip either Meghan or Harry of their titles. 

    “The position on titles has been discussed by all parties months ago and remains the same.”


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