Meghan Markle paraphrases SPIDERMAN quote as she praises Harry’s philosophy



    Speaking with the New York Times, the Duchess was one of several guests discussing the notion of women reaching economic and professional parity with men. The interview was seen and tweeted by @GirlTema who said: “So good to see her! #MeghanMarkle #PaidLeaveForAll #MeghanTheDuchessofSussex.”

    During the interview aired in the US, she was introduced as the Co-Founder of Archewell and named Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

    The Duchess was quizzed on her new privileges to which she replies: “My husband has always said with great privilege comes great responsibility,” not too dissimilar to Spiderman’s “With great power comes great responsibility” line.

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    She then quickly turns the conversation around, referring to her own history, and how she has had to adapt.

    Meghan said: “Even before I had any sort of privilege in my life… and my lives now are very different… I always just stood up for what was right

    “I’ve been gone from the US for a really long time… I lived in Canada for seven years for work, and then moved to the UK.”

    She added: “And now to come back and be a mother of two, and see that the US is one of only six countries that doesn’t offer national paid leave doesn’t make sense.

    The Duchess then referred back to her childhood, where she claims her resilience in standing up for rights is why she is now able to use her privilege to now raise awareness today.

    “So I guess my approach is the same as it’s been since I was really young… When I was eleven, I saw something wrong on TV, I put pen to paper and wrote a letter about it,” she continued.

    On workers’ rights, the Duchess claimed: “On this, I said well, let me write a letter and pick up the phone and make some calls, let’s see if I can help.”

    She then concluded her support for the cause by saying: “To me, it seems like a really logical and obvious thing to do, and I am happy that I’m able to support it.”

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    Since moving away from their senior roles in the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan have attempted to fund their careers by other means.

    Meghan’s public interest in politics has caused some to speculate that she is looking to head into the realm in the future.

    The job parity argument is a clear example of a cause that has drummed up support, as demonstrated by the #PaidLeaveForAll hashtag, and hence why meghan’s comments and performance will be closely monitored.

    She has been accused of using her royal title to interfere in US politics, with royal courtiers reportedly branding her recent interventions as “outrageous”.

    The Duchess of Sussex has been using her title “out of context” to “play in politics” by lobbying for the paid leave argument.

    The latest criticism of the now US-based mum-of-two comes after two Republican senators said they were shocked when they were cold-called by the Duchess on the issue.

    Maine Senator Susan Collins, 68, told Politico she received a call from the Duchess on her private line.

    She told the website: “Much to my surprise, she called me on my private line and introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex, which is kind of ironic.”

    A palace source said: “As a member of the Royal Family, if you use the title, it means you steer clear of those kinds of things.

    “Otherwise you’re using the title out of context and people will question your motive.”

    “The Royal Family has no say in American politics,” the source concluded.


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