Mercedes and Ferrari backed up as another boss calls on FIA to 'severely' punish Red Bull


    Red Bull should face a “severe penalty” for breaking F1’s budget cap rules, according to Guenther Steiner. The Haas boss said the penalty needed to be tough to ensure teams don’t break the cap again in the future.

    Mercedes and Ferrari have been among the constructors to criticise Red Bull for breaking the rules since rumours emerged ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Steiner said: “I think it is very important for the sport to get it right. I don’t know exactly what has happened there was no official line.

    “Unofficial ones, I don’t believe them because a lot of people talk and nobody really knows. It’s always difficult to take a judgement on that. But I’m sure there will be a penalty for what has been done.”

    “The cost cap penalty needs to be severe enough that it doesn’t repeat. We need to learn out of what was done to make it better going forwards.” Red Bull’s penalty for breaking the cost cap has yet to be confirmed but it is unlikely to be anything substantial.

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    “Going forward that would be a better penalty in my opinion.” Steiner has been a big supporter of F1’s budget cap all season and clashed with Horner over the issue earlier this year.

    Back in August, he told Express Sport that he did not want to see the budget cap increase despite previous demands from the Red Bull boss. Horner claimed this summer that teams needed to be allowed to spend some extra money due to inflation.


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